Emergency Trauma Victim

Submitted by HSHS St. Johns Hospital – 911 will be called by most people and are taken to the facility you or an one needs care quickly. What many people do not understand is the distinction between a crisis and a trauma. Countless people and the Emergency Department visit with whether arriving by ambulance or by private car. The harshness of these emergency is what classifies a patients visit. All patients that visit the Emergency Department are categorized by a five degree triage formula which needs and categorizes patients according to presenting signs. The Emergency Severity Index puts patients on a scale of one being the most severe. 

When paramedics arrive at these scene of an incident, they alert the hospital assess the seriousness of accidents, and transportation patients. Paramedics call the Emergency Department to notify hospital staff of the particulars surrounding the accident and the patients vital signs, said Amy Jones Johns Hospital Emergency Department. You do not know the extent of injuries till you see the patient. There is A injury typically injury associated, Jones said. Traumas are usually physical damage from an external source. You will find two classes once a patient is categorized as an injury. A Category 1 Trauma is the kind of patient and injuries are life. 

There is A Category 2 patient someone whose injuries aren’t a drooping face or chest pain, should be addressed regarded as life threatening. Emergency Care is described medical attention has to be sought Jones said. Symptoms which are considered emergent, like a drooping face or chest pain, should be addressed instantly When paramedics arrive, they can start treatment of symptoms. Calling 911 is the ideal way to receive medical care when you are in an emergent situation. When paramedics arrive, they can begin treatment of signs which will prepare the doctors and care drive yourself or allow somebody else to the hospital during a crisis. Don’t drive yourself or allow somebody else to these hospital during an emergency.